tetramethylene glycol

tetramethylene glycol

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  • Poly(tetramethylene ether) glycol — is a polyether polyol. It is also known as PTMEG or polytetrahydrofuran and various tradenames such as Terathane and PolyTHF . One of its CAS Registry Numbers is [25190 06 1] .It is prepared by acid catalyzed polymerization of… …   Wikipedia

  • butanediol — ˈbyü(ˌ)tān(ˌ)dīˌȯl, ˌōl noun ( s) Etymology: butane + diol : any of four isomeric glycols C4H8(OH)2: as a. : a hygroscopic liquid CH3CHOHCH2CH2OH made usually by hydrogenation of aldol and used chiefly as a humectant and plasticizer called also… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Polyol — The name polyols refers to alcohols containing multiple hydroxyl groups. In two technological disciplines polyols have special meaning: food science and polymer chemistry. For information as it pertains to food ingredients, please see the article …   Wikipedia

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  • Polyamide — Un polyamide est un polymère contenant des fonctions amides − C( = O) − NH − résultant d une réaction de polycondensation entre les fonctions acide carboxylique et amine. En 1927, la société américaine DuPont constitue un service de recherches… …   Wikipédia en Français

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